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ABYSS THE WORD WIZARD Emerges From His Lyrical Lair to Reveal the "GOD KILLER"


Can you remember the days when pop music asked you to "lock up your daughter, lock up your wife?" Well, that was nearly 50 years ago and the advice is, by now, clearly antiquated. Instead, Abyss The Word Wizard has issued a warning for contemporary hip-hop listeners: lock up your spiritual guru, lock up your higher power. "God Killer" sees the South Dakota-based lyricist dismantle humanity's feeble attachments to authority of all forms, be they social, spiritual, or intellectual. Atop an ethereal chorus of angels singing in reverse, Abyss declares, "We all wanna be kings of dreams, what a travesty." Indeed, the greed, selfishness, and lust for power that typically lace together hip-hop verses are absent from the wit and wisdom of Abyss The Word Wizard. While his delivery and flow are rooted in the late '90s movement of conscious rap, Abyss departs from conventional lyrical topics, instead opting for deeper, more philosophical musings.....

The result is a poignant piece of a man's soul set to detonate when the beat drops. Even seasoned hip-hop heads will find themselves floating amongst the clouds, deciphering the meaning of "God Killer" line by line, because Abyss refuses to spoon feed his audience. Rather, the pen of The Word Wizard demands respect, demands bravery, demands a sacrifice. Loaded to the brim with bars like, "Beseeching the impervious legions that ain't with queens, and the fleeing whilst blood is leakin' from indevious preachin'," the dense lyrical jungle of "God Killer" is treacherous, and yet Abyss never leaves the pocket. From the very get go, the instrumental's atmosphere and The Word Wizard's attitude blend swimmingly. This synergy reveals everything about the song, even before its underlying themes can be absorbed or analyzed. Nonetheless, by all means, "God Killer" commands thee to listen, again and again, to the Words of The Wizard until his potent message finally penetrates your skull…as a gift from the all-pervading Abyss.

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