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The Widdler's TRITON EP Triggers a Tsunami at Sentry Records

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


With a thunderous rumble, Triton has emerged from his seafloor throne to warn humanity of the impending doom threatened by The Widdler's Triton EP. Unchained off the shore of the North Sea by Youngsta’s Sentry Records, Triton is a dangerous collection of four naughty nautical bangers capable of capsizing the Titanic. Wielding a wizardly precision, The Widdler's latest work serves to wallop each and every booty on the dancefloor with thick, wobbly reverberations. Featuring voluptuous sound design, seductive 140bmp flows, and captivating samples, Triton delivers a wild odyssey on stormy seas. The experience is thrilling and ravishing, all the while riding an underlying current of expansive emotions. The first release by Sentry Records in 2021, Triton is a tremendous beast comparable only to the depths from which it has arisen.

The title track, "Triton," features a pair of haunting samples from the 2019 film, The Lighthouse. The first sample—a blaring siren reminiscent of the Greek god Triton's conch shell—is harrowing and hair-raising. The Widdler further intensifies this terrifying tone, spicing it up with rhythmic wubs and dynamic timbres. The second sample—a captain's heated anathema—is ominous, frightening, and yet, simultaneously alluring. Fittingly, the captain's words speak to the power of the sea by evoking the mysterious gods of the deep. Accentuated by the sound of waves, seagulls, and dastardly drums, "Triton" surfs atop a rolling rhythm reminiscent of the open ocean. But beware, as this track promises no safe passage! (The second drop will fill you in on the details). Let this voyage serve as a reminder not to fuck with the gods lurking in the murky depths.

Next up, "Listen To The Sound'' oozes with a menacing sinusoidal section. At first, the low frequencies are sharp and piercing. As the track progresses, the low-end is twisted with a disorienting effect, like diving too far underwater and experiencing the thrill of decompression sickness en route to the surface.

"Remember When" is a forward-thinking tune capable of spawning new genres. Deep mumble dub, anyone? Glitchy hip-hop vocals ride a wildly wavy bassline, with the entire leviathan anchored by pulverizing percussion. Resounding sound effects build momentum by steadily beefing up every last aspect of the track until the entire composition is reverberating with unabashed fullness. Submerge yourself in a stupendous sound system to hear this monstrosity as nature intended.

Last but not least, "Lifeless" showcases delicate instrumentation and far-from-delicate sound design. Shimmering trap drums, jungle-esque audio effects, a hypnotizing flute melody, and a booming kick drum all bring this track to life. Meanwhile, the song's melancholy lyrics and atmosphere contribute to an overall somber mood. "Existential crisis, I'm feeling lifeless" emphasizes the gloom of modern life, while strangely packing an inspirational punch. By perfectly encapsulating the mood of our globe's current liminal phase, "Lifeless" counterintuitively plays like an encouraging, cathartic anthem.

The Widdler has proven time and time again why he is absolutely abominable in the best way possible. Adding to this repertoire, his latest Triton EP offers a formidable foray of seafaring exploration atop a stern foundation of quality dubstep production. Throughout Triton's 16 minutes, flawless frequencies flow forth, finagled and focused into a unified behemoth of a record by the meticulous ears of the one-and-only virtuoso. With Triton, The Widdler continues to innovate and expand upon his classic dub sound that has now reached across the entire globe.

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